MetaMorf | Google Analytics Consulting in Silicon Valley Area by Metamorf


Understanding how your customers use your website is essential to business success, and having someone with extensive experience using Google Analytics to that end is invaluable.

Here are some of the things we do for our clients related with Google Analytics:

  • We work with you to identify your business’ Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and how to best measure the factors most important to your business.
  • Advanced technical setup of Google Analytics. For example using goals, event tracking, setting up ecommerce sites, conversion funnels, and custom coding.
  • Segmentation of users into buckets such as new visitors, repeat purchasers, shopping cart abandoners and more.
  • We create hypotheses of how changes on your website will positively affect your KPI’s for your different customer segments, make the changes and measure the impact.
  • Incrementally improve your KPI’s with continued hypothesis building, optimization and testing.

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